1Password improves compatibility with cryptocurrency wallets

Also 1password embraces the world of cryptocurrencies: the company yesterday announced the arrival of support for the Phantom digital wallet, which allows you to manage currencies, tokens and NFTs on Solana, one of the most popular blockchains of the moment. For example, if you create an account on Phantom via your browser and at the same time have an active subscription to 1Password, a button will appear at the end of the procedure to save the login data.

It should be noted that technically it is possible to save the data of your wallets on 1Password for some time, but it is a rather complicated procedure and basically it is necessary to resort to some sort of trick: the platform suggests, for example, to use Login elements. In short, with the increasing diffusion of this technology, it is clear that a more immediate and intuitive solution is needed.

1Password explains that Phantom is just the beginning: the company invites other wallets, exchanges and services connected to the blockchain to get in touch and implement similar integrations. But the update also includes a new type of element, called Crypto Wallet, which is already preconfigured with exactly the typical fields needed. For the user, the compilation process is much faster and more intuitive.

It remains to be clarified whether it might be a good idea to upload this type of data to an online service. Cryptocurrency experts suggest that save login information, especially the Seed Phrase, physically and “offline”, such as a sheet of paper in a safe place. Once stolen, resources and money are not repaid relatively quickly as happens for example with banks.