Two options to play Wordle within an Excel spreadsheet

After its release less than two months ago, have emerged all kinds of variants of the popular Wordle gamefrequently with changes in theme —there are geography or mathematics— or language —in Spanish, Catalan and multilanguage (with extra letters), for example—.

Most of these variants are, like the original game, intended to be played on the web from a browseralthough you will also find mobile apps in the Play Store and the Apple Store based on the same concept.

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an identical client developed by former Google workers

It’s been three years since Google Inbox disappeared from our lives. The email client that came to give lessons on how an email application should work was loved by many, even after all the news that came to Gmail inspired by Inbox itself. However, all is not yet lost. And it is that some ex-workers of Google have created Shortwave, a client practically identical to Inbox.

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all the news about your CPU

Intel’s IDM 2.0 Strategy To understand Intel’s Roadmap we have to understand its strategy and consequently how they …

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