Microsoft recommends 16GB of RAM to run Android apps on Windows 11

by Jordi Bercial

Microsoft has finally made it possible run android apps on windows 11as we explained in this news, but something that was not revealed at that time were the hardware requirements that we will need to run these applications on our computer. However, as we can read in this company support documentThis has changed, and higher requirements have sometimes been shown than might be expected.

Perhaps, the most striking data is that of RAM memory, and it is that there are minimum requirements of 8GB of RAM and recommended of 16GB of RAMsomething that, considering that smartphones are still being sold today with figures of 2GB of RAM, seems slightly excessive to run only one application.

Geeknetic Microsoft recommends 16GB of RAM to run Android apps on Windows 11 1

On the other hand, 8th generation Intel processors, AMD Ryzen 3000 or Snapdragon 8c and above are also required, although these are requirements that are generally shared with the Windows 11 operating system itself, so they make much more sense.

Microsoft may have taken the route of emulating a full Android system in the background.which, while it should provide the best compatibility, is also a waste of resources for most users.

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Article Writer: Jordi Bercial

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