an identical client developed by former Google workers

It’s been three years since Google Inbox disappeared from our lives. The email client that came to give lessons on how an email application should work was loved by many, even after all the news that came to Gmail inspired by Inbox itself. However, all is not yet lost. And it is that some ex-workers of Google have created Shortwave, a client practically identical to Inbox.

The startup has developed a client with all the popular Google Inbox features. It is a layer that will go on top of Gmail, so we will still need our Google account to access this new proposal.

Shortwave is the return of Inbox

Returning features include email categorization, automatically marking our emails as ‘updates’, ‘promotions’, ‘social’, and more. What’s more, emails are also sorted by year.

Another much-loved feature that is back in Shortwave is the mark multiple emails as read with just one click. The categories in Shortwave are on a single page, so it will be more comfortable for us to delete the elements that we do not want.

Shortwave is focused on productivity, and this can be clearly seen when you first enter its interface, since everything we need is clearly and well differentiated on a single page. On one side we have the categories and our contacts, while on the right side we find the inbox. The search engine located at the top is also quite powerful, since we can access our searches very quickly. In addition, we also have a very easy way to silence notifications if we click on the icon of our profile.

To install Shortwave, we have several options. First of all, we can access via web through our Google account. It will ask us for certain permissions that we must accept to synchronize our Gmail account, and once granted, we can start enjoying Shortwave. On the other hand, we can download your PWA customer through a browser based on Chromium.

Shortwave It also has a version for mobile devicesalthough the native experience is only available at the moment iOS. Android users can sign up for the beta via this linkalthough the app for this system is still in an early stage of development.