The Lenovo Legion Y90 will use a RAID 0 system for storage with 50% better performance

by Juan Antonio Soto

Last week we met Some details of Lenovo’s new gaming phone, the Legion Y90, through some screenshots left by its product manager on the Weibo social network. In these captures, a 640 GB storage specifying UFS 3.1 + SSD which we thought would correspond to 512 GB of internal storage along with a 128 GB microSD card. But actually it is a RAID system which unites the most common UFS storage system in mobile phones along with SSD storage.

With this they have achieved improve performance by up to 50%. With RAID 0, a higher reading and writing speed is achieved by being able to access two units simultaneously, being able to write at the same time. This type of technology has not been seen before in mobile phones, if it has been used for a long time in high-end configurations in laptops and desktop PCs to obtain greater performance. so this Lenovo Legion Y90 may be the first to include this type of technology.

The Lenovo Legion Y90, in addition to this new RAID 0 system, includes the latest Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. They will also accompany you 22GB of RAM and a 5600mAh battery. At the moment there is no release date, but it seems that it will not take long to appear at least in the Chinese market.

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Juan Antonio Soto

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