4 ports in one plug at FULL speed

A multiple charger is the revolution. If you need to recharge many devices at once and you never have the space to insert all the power supplies, this is the solution. This one in particular has as many as 4 doors and supports fast charging so you are not afraid to extend the time.

Very safe to use, you would do well to activate the coupon on Amazon so in a single instant you barely pay for it € 13.59. A ridiculously low price for the convenience it gives you.

Shipments? Obviously free and fast throughout Italy with Prime active on your account.

Multiple charger your new love: here’s how to use it

A multiple charger like this is a real one cure-all. Think traveling. Just take this with you to be able to charge all your devices without limits. In fact, as I told you, fast charging is fully supported.

In particular, it puts you at your fingertips three standard USB A inputs which give you 75% more speed and a QC 3.0 port signed Qualcomm QuickCharge which in just 30 minutes makes your devices reach 80% (those compatible with this technology).

Do not have any doubts about him, he is totally safe to use also because he is equipped with a multi protection system. In this way you do not risk being a victim of overheating, overloading and short circuits. If you read between the lines you realize that it is even safer to use this than to plug it into the socket at home.

What devices is it compatible with? Practically with any, in any case on the page you will find the complete list.

Buy this Multi Charger on the fly on Amazon for only € 13.59 if you don’t waste time and check the coupon before it ends. Shipments with guaranteed Prime services are fast and free throughout the Italian territory.

Ps: in the package you will also find a very convenient cable.

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