6 € and turn your tablet into a notebook: UNIVERSAL stylus

An exceptional nib this promotion on Amazon. It doesn’t matter which tablet you have, with it in your hands you are ready to become an artist at any moment. It has a ridiculous price because with € 6 and broken you take it home in an instant and revolutions your hours.

Whether you want it to take notes or to become the new Picasso of digital it does not matter. It amazes you from all points of view.

Shipments are fast and free throughout the Italian territory with Prime active.

Tablet stylus: universally outstanding

It’s super simple but rest assured you will love it. Small and slim to hold it is a blast because it has ergonomics studied in detail. In fact, you can put your soul in peace: you will spend hours and hours in front of your tablet drawing and writing without ever getting tired.

The absolute advantage of this stylus is that it is without battery. In fact, it doesn’t need to be connected or charged. You use it whenever you want without giving yourself a hand on your forehead because you forgot to put it in charge the previous evening.

With a click, just like on a more classic pen, you open and close it. It counts that the actual tip hat two ends so when you ruin one, you turn it around and go back to drawing perfect lines.

Did they call you Giotto right? Then draw your circles with your eyes closed with this fabulous little product.

tablet stylus

Compatible with virtually any tablet, it’s a light-hearted purchase that you know you’ll appreciate.

Take advantage of the small promotion on Amazon on the fly, add it to your cart and take it home with just € 6.79. You don’t pay a single euro more to receive it at home thanks to free shipping guaranteed to anyone who is a Prime member. A day or two and the courier will ring you.

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