A sequel to The Thing? John Carpenter would have thought of that already

40 years have passed since the theatrical release of The thing, but the film with Kurt Russell continues to be one of the most appreciated and discussed of the master John Carpenter today. Recently interviewed to promote the release in Blu-Ray 4K of another cult of him, 1997: Escape from New Yorkthe director said he has ideas for a sequel in mind.

John Carpenter thought of a sequel to The Thing

To the microphones of Fandom Carpenter said: “I think there is still a story to tell, but obviously I won’t tell you which one. There have been discussions for a potential sequel to The Thing and we talked about what could be done. On the other hand, as far as we know, the two main characters – Childs and MacReady are still alive at the end of the film ”.

The director was then asked if in his view Kurt Russell might be interested in reprising the role of MacReady, but Carpenter said he didn’t know for sure. A very cryptic answer, similar to the one given for a possible 1997 sequel: Escape from New York.

Released in 1982, The thing tells the story of a group of American researchers who arrive in Antarctica for research, but soon find themselves having to deal with a mysterious parasite capable of assimilating and imitating organisms and events. A “thing”, in fact, which gives the title to the film.

The thing

The story of the film was continued through several comics and a video game released in 2002 for PC, PlayStation 2 and XboX. In A prequel was released in 2011, always titled The thingwhich did not find positive acclaim from critics and audiences.

We will therefore see if Carpenter really decides to resurrect one of his historic productions as he did recently with the Halloween franchise, where he was actively involved in new films.

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