Acquisitions? There is also Nintendo: tip SRD Co, the studio of Zelda and Donkey Kong

In the past few hours, Nintendo has formalized a proposed acquisition against SRD Co, “a development house that has been contributing to the development of Nintendo videogames for almost forty years”, reads the document filed by the Kyoto company. In short, the link between SRD and Nintendo is profound, also because it has produced adventures of historical importance such as Donkey Kong from 1983 and The Legend of Zelda from 1986.

So far, despite long periods in close contact, SRD has been an independent company, but if everything goes smoothly from 1 April 2022 it will be one with Nintendo. In fact, however, it shouldn’t change much: the two companies have continued to work side by side in the development of games for the Switch, and there is for example the hand of SRD in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ring Fit Adventure and Super Smash. Bros. Ultimate.