ACS multiplies its profit by 5 in 2021, due to the sale of Cobra

ACS obtained a net profit of 3,045 million euros in 2021, which means multiplying by five the 574 million euros it earned in 2020, an increase that is explained by the extraordinary income from the sale of its industrial division (Cobra) to Vinci for about 5,500 million euros.

Excluding this extraordinary, the profit would have been 720 million euros, 33% higher, thanks to the recovery of its subsidiary Abertis, which registered greater demand on its toll roads and explains 152 million euros of that profit, according to the construction results.

The group’s sales remained stable at 27.8 billion euros, which means that they are still 40% below the 39 billion euros that it entered in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic. That year, the net profit was 962 million euros, also above the ordinary of 2021.

North America concentrated 59% of sales, followed by Australia, with 19%, Europe, with 18%, Asia, with 3%, and South America, with the remaining 1%. By country, the United States, Australia, Spain, Canada and Germany contributed 92% to total sales, with only those from the United States accounting for 53% of the total, while Spain accounts for 11% of the total.

The gross operating result (Ebitda), for its part, was 1,598 million euros in 2021, 15.5% higher than in 2020, also supported by the strong recovery in Abertis traffic, since they have left lifting all restrictions on mobility as a result of the vaccination process.