Android Auto and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra seem to disagree for some users

It looks like the new ones Samsung Galaxy S22 have some problems with youth. After the screen defect reported by some Galaxy S22 Ultra users, and promptly recognized by the Seoul company, it now appears that some units of the flagship of the new Galaxy series do not get along too well with Android Auto.

According to a forum open on Redditsome users have reported problems connecting your devices to your car’s dashboard screen via Android Auto. Both the wired and wireless connections in fact only original and third-party screens produce a black image, while tactile input continues to work. Users reassure that the problem is due to the new phones as other android devicesincluding the Pixel 6, work properly.

According to the forum, it would be a quite common problem and not limited to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as also encountered by a user with Galaxy S22 +. Meanwhile, an open thread on the Samsung forum it has counter-reports from people claiming that everything is working fine, so obviously it is not a problem that affects all units.

For its part, Samsung has yet to give an official answer. And you, you have had the same experience? Let us know below and in any case continue to follow us for more updates!