Android Auto updates to version 7.3 beta

New year, new updates for Android Auto. The platform of Google is constantly updated to fix the various bugs present, but also to bring new features.

Android Auto 7.3 should improve the communication between Google Assistant and Spotify

The new update, which brings beta 7.3, doesn’t come with a changelog so it’s not clear what features or fixes have been made. As for my Ford SYNC experience after the update, I noticed my requests to Google to play something on Spotify are always successful, while before, often, I had to open the app, go to the search tab, and click on the required song. Uncomfortable, and very dangerous while driving. With the update to beta 7.3, I noticed instead that all my requests, both in Italian and in English, are always successful.

Our advice, therefore, remains to always update to have the latest corrections, and features, made by Google. You can download the latest version of Android Auto from Play Store in case you are enrolled in the beta program, or from this one link for manual installation.

Have you already done the update? Have you found any news or improvements? Please let us know using the comment box.

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