Android smartphones are worth a little less to Apple


Apple cuts the value of some Android smartphones for its Trade-In, the program that allows you to give in barter the old device in exchange for a new iPhone or another product from the house. Let’s take a look at some ratings.

Apple doesn’t consider Android smartphones very valuable

As noted by MacRumors, Apple has reduced the dollar valuations of Android smartphones to be exchanged for a device of the series iPhone 13 (but not only). While previously it used to go up to $ 545 for a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, now the highest figure stands at $ 405. The South Korean manufacturer is preparing to unveil the Galaxy S22 series and therefore a certain decline is quite normal, but will the Cupertino house have exaggerated?

It should be noted that Apple’s “price list” does not include all models of Android smartphones: the program still excludes even important products such as Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, released last October in the United States. Here are a few evaluation examples for the US market:

To tell the truth, these are rather low values ​​(in particular for certain models), especially considering how much can be achieved with a sale between individuals (or with other services such as Change with Galaxy, which for example reaches up to 330 euros for a Galaxy. S9 +). Do you think Apple could offer something more with its Trade-In program? If you are curious to know Apple’s estimate of the value of your Android smartphone, you can consult the dedicated section of the site at this link.

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