Angry Birds or PUBG? Which mobile games have you played the most over the past decade?

Uptodownalternative platform for applications Androidconducted a study based on their traffic data to find out the android games most downloaded worldwide during each year of the last decade. The list is full of memories like angry Birds, Plants vs ZombiesPou, My Talking Tom Cat and Pokémon GOwhich show how tastes in mobile gaming have changed and evolved over the past decade.

In terms of games over the past decade, Android has brought us great titles that have laid the foundation for many genres that wouldn’t make sense on other platforms. Currently, mobile platforms are the most widespread and used gaming systems in the world, surpassing even traditional consoles.

While at the beginning of the decade the most played titles they came from a variety of genera (from driving simulators to football, to strategy and ai puzzle), in last years we have witnessed a huge moving to battle royale games and a resurgence of other genres that originated on PC and consoles, such as strategy in real time, MOBA and puzzles.

And you there recognize in this list? What games do you play the most? Let us know in the comments!


1- Need for Speed ​​Shift

2- PES 2011

3- Talking Tom Cat


1- Plants vs Zombies

2- Need for Speed ​​Shift

3- Angry Birds


1- Candy Crush Saga

2- Pou

3- Angry Birds


1- Candy Crush Saga

2- Subway Surfers

3- Pou


1- Plants vs Zombies 2

2- Subway Surfers

3- Geometry Dash


1- Clash of Clans

2- Pokemon GO

3- Subway Surfers


1- Clash of Clans

2- Clash Royale

3- Subway Surfers


1- Free Fire

2- Fortnite

3- PUBG Mobile


1- PUBG Mobile

2- Free Fire

3- Clash of Clans


1- PUBG Mobile

2- PUBG Mobille Lite

3- Fortnite


1- PUBG Mobile Lite

2- PUBG Mobile

3- PUBG Mobile (Korean version)