Ant-Man: a miniseries to celebrate his sixty years

In 2022 we celebrate sixty years of Ant-Manthe Marvel Comics character, who has also won a prominent role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he will return shortly with Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. To celebrate this anniversary, Marvel Comics has decided to make a miniseries in which we will see the three famous alter egos of the character, Hank Pym (the Original), Scott Lang (the Thief) e Eric O’Grady (The incorrigible) share the scene, thanks to a plot written by Al Ewing and drawn by Tom Reilly. The three Ant-Man will also be joined by a new man-ant, coming from the future.

Marvel announces the miniseries Ant-Mancelebration of the character’s sixty years

In announcing the miniseries for the 60th anniversary of Ant-Man, Al Ewing did not hide his enthusiasm:

“For Ant-Man’s anniversary, we wanted to go big for the smallest hero in the world, tunneling like an ant in the character’s 60-year history and going beyond, from the wild and imaginative 60s to arrive at a future yet to be discovered. Find out how Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Eric O’Grady have influenced each other’s lives in ways they never even understood, but who’s going to be the newest member of the Ant-astic Four? Tremble with curiosity, True Believer, the answers will come soon! “

The story of this miniseries will begin sixty years ago, with Ant-Man # 1 set in the early days of Hank Pym’s superhero life, as he attempts to enjoy a date with Janet van Dyne, aka the Wasp, during their life as a partner in fighting crime and as sweethearts.


He declared himself no less enthusiastic Tom Reilly:

“I’m really excited to be able to work with Al once again, this time to celebrate and enrich the Ant-Man myth. Several people have brought this name, and Al has written a funny story that allows them all to shine. I can’t wait to work with Jordie Bellaire again, her colors enhance every comic she works on “

Ant-Man # 1 will be released in America on June 8th.