APN PosteMobile: configuration guide on Android, iPhone, iPad and tablet

PosteMobile is the Italian operator of Poste Italiane. It often offers affordable offers (some of the best here) and that is why many rely on their rates. These are often rates that also include internet data and that is why we have created this page for configuring the APN. It is in fact essential to correctly configure the APN on your smartphone, tablet or modem to be able to surf the internet. We therefore leave you with all the information you need to configure theAPN for PosteMobile.

If you want to know how to configure theAPN on all devices we recommend this guide: How to configure the APN.

Automatic configuration

Each time a PosteMobile SIM is inserted into a new smartphone (or tablet), it should automatically configure itself to function correctly and therefore surf the internet. If this is not the case, it is still possible to manually configure the PosteMobile APN. Before going to change the APN, however, always check that there are no other reasons why you are unable to connect, perhaps even by testing the SIM in another smartphone.

Android APN configuration / settings

Another way to configure the APN PosteMobile on Android smartphones or tablets is to do it manually. This is probably also the procedure you were looking for and is also the fastest. On Android the menus are different from model to model but we will try to give you a general smattering. Go to Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile Network> Access Point Names.

Alternatively you can search in the settings (if there is a search lens) for the term APN or Access point names. Here you will find more guides on where to configure the APN on various smartphone models: APN configuration.

Once in this menu you can create a new APN by pressing the + or the three dots at the top right. Here are the items to use:

  • First name: PosteMobile (or whatever you want)
  • APN: wap.postemobile.it
  • APN type: default

For MMS create a new APN with these entries:

  • First name: PosteMobile (or whatever you want)
  • APN: mms.postemobile.it
  • Home page: http://mms.postemobile.it/servlets/mms
  • Proxy:
  • Door: 80
  • APN type: mms

The SIM will connect to the internet as soon as you save this item and select it in the relative menu. To save the APN usually you have to press on the three dots and then press Save, but it can change from smartphone to smartphone.

At this point our advice is to restart the smartphone and if it still does not work, check from the notification curtain if you have activated mobile data. Otherwise you may have run out of credit and advice and contact PosteMobile.

Manual configuration iPhone / iPad

The procedure on iOS and iPadOS, or on iPhone or iPad, is absolutely similar in operation. You can go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Cellular Data Network and add a new one APN using the following items:

  • Cellular / APN data: PosteMobile (or whatever you want)
  • MMS / APN: wap.postemobile.it

At this point you should already be able to start surfing right away. Otherwise, just restart the device. If you are not yet connected to the internet or you have run out of credit, either the SIM is disabled or you have disabled the data option on the iPhone.

Manual configuration of 4G router

In this case the only voice that really interests you is that of the APN which in the case of PosteMobile is wap.postemobile.itall tiny.