As big as a coin makes any WIFI device, you now and now

This device may look like a micro USB receiver to you and although it works a bit like that, it actually does makes your every device WiFi. What do you mean? If you have the computer that still requires the ethernet connection to browse online, with this you have no more limits.

Revolutions any device in one move spending the minimum, € 16.99 if you take advantage of the promotion on the fly on Amazon. Not only do you save money but you remove all those cables that make your home and desk messy.

Shipping is completely free with Prime.

I haven’t told you before but it is a TP Link product so you can be on the safe side with regard to its quality. As small as a coin, it takes up absolutely no space. At the same time, however, it brings you a comfort that exceeds all limits. In fact, it allows you to transform any product into a WiFi device.

It works with any product that mounts a system Windows or MacOS so you don’t limit yourself.

You connect it and in a second it starts working, then register the connection as you usually do, i.e. select it and enter the password.

WiFi device

No compromises to travel online a full speed and no longer having the cables that are sown around the house or prevent you from closing the doors.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the promotion on the fly on Amazon and take home the TP Link contraption that you really needed. € 16.99 to receive it at home in one or two days without spending even one euro more if you have Prime active on your account.

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