at 18 € it is to be taken on the fly

Do you have any idea how many DIY and precision jobs you can do with one 120 in 1 screwdriver in kit? Lots of them. You will always have the right tips, at the right time. You mount them in an instant and finish the operation.

With promotions Amazon of the moment, you can get a super deal and take home this great set for just around € 18. Enough complete the order immediately to take advantage of the limited time offer. Enjoy fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

120-in-1 Screwdriver: At this price point it’s a great deal

A practical and compact case, which will act as a custody to each single piece, protecting it and preventing it from being lost while not in use. You can combine one with the screwdriver body telescopic extension or a fixed one, are both supplied.

Choose the tip you need most from all those available and start using it for the most diverse jobs. Glasses, PCs, smartphones, tablets and wherever precision turns are needed. Each end is magnetic, so as to allow you to lift the tips without any difficulty. In addition, there is also a free magnetic pad where you can place them while you complete the work. In the set you will also find SIM card extractors, tweezers and one sucker to lift the windows without risking breaking them.

I have a kit of these and it is super precious for me, considering that I love repairing and upgrading desktop and laptop PCs, especially older ones, which thus come back to a new life.

There variety of tips supplied it is so large that it will be practically impossible not to find the one you need every time. In short, a 120 in 1 screwdriver super complete, with lots of accessories supplied and now at a more than affordable price on Amazon. Complete your order on the fly: you can get it for just about € 18 and shipments are also fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services.

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