Audi A3 Citycarver got spied on during winter tests


Audi is working on a new version of its A3 which should debut later this year equipped with a raised structure. According to some rumors, yes should call Citycarver although there are further rumors that speak of A3 Cityhopper or Allroad. Regardless of the name that will be chosen, this model was again intercepted during winter tests in Scandinavia. Testing in extreme temperature conditions, as we know, is very important for car manufacturers as it allows them to whip the mechanics of their new cars.

The YouTube channel CarSpyMedia has therefore released a new video showing the new version of the Audi A3 during road tests. The cars that can be seen in the video still appear disguised to hide all the modified elements of this variant of the German compact.

Camouflage that concerns the front where, probably, we will find a redesigned bumper, new headlights and perhaps even an underbody protection. On the side, however, the camouflage probably hides new miniskirts. Also behind, Audi should have revised the bumper design.

The coating, on the other hand, does not hide the most important novelty and that is the greater ground clearance that will characterize this version of the A3. A variant that will be equipped with higher suspension and a more robust appearance, a “transformation” similar to that carried out for the Citycarver variant of the small A1. The passenger compartment, on the other hand, should remain substantially unchanged compared to that of the A3 Sportback.

As for the engines that we will find under the hood there should be no particular surprises. The German carmaker should offer the same units of the A3 Sportback also on the Citycarver version or whatever it will be called at the end. It is difficult, however, for a sporty version to arrive also for this new variant of the German compact.

Development proceeds and the presentation is approaching. Therefore, it is possible that more information about this car will emerge over the next few months.