Audi cars welcome 5G connectivity

Verizon and Audi today announced a deal to bring 5G connectivity to the German automaker’s US range. This is Verizon’s first deal with a global automaker to enable 5G in-car and is expected to start with select models. by 2024. The collaboration opens the door to advanced mobile services and new driver assistance capabilities and paves the way for an automated future of driving.

How 5G technologies will help power Audi’s future cars

Thanks to this implementation, passengers will be able to unload or transmit in streaming at higher speeds and with higher quality, also vehicles will receive updates firmware and software over the air like a latest generation smartphone, so that the technology on board is constantly updated.

THE infotainment systems and navigation will be able to support HD / 3D maps and video and cloud-based user profiles, and cars will also be able to communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure around them, a technology that will be fundamental for the development of automated vehicles and for advances in the field security.

Audi of America continues to work with various departments and technology providers to develop C-V2X direct communication that can protect the most vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, schoolchildren, road maintenance workers and cyclists.

At the same time Verizon is aggressively expanding its high-performance 5G Ultra Wideband network bringing coverage to more and more road users.

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