Best Safari Extensions for iPhone and iPad

SmartWorld team

iOS 15 And iPadOS 15 have introduced some features that we have been experimenting with on ours for several months now iPhone And iPad updated to the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. These are implementations that, although not revolutionary, have certainly improved the use of devices and unlocked several additions (we mention among all SharePlay) which appear very comfortable once you become familiar with them. One of these has then improved our navigation on the web not a little: the Safari extensions on iPhone and iPad. Those who use a Mac will already know what we are talking about and, thanks to the success achieved on the desktop, Apple wanted to re-propose these small but effective add-ons on smartphones and tablets that simplify and sometimes offer an extra gear (in terms of security, quality and even personalization) when browsing the Internet via mobile. So let’s see together what the best Safari extensions on iOS and iPadOS.

1Password – Password Manager

1Password – Password Manager is probably one of the extensions of Safari best known and used by Apple customers and beyond, being also compatible with Linux and ChromeOS. In the present case, it functions as a password manager for iPhone, iPad and Mac and acts as a completely independent extension from the desktop app, bringing all the popular features of Apple directly to Apple’s browser. 1Password. These include the ability to generate random and secure passwords, fill in usernames and passwords, credit cards and addresses on websites, save credential information using the fingerprint reader Touch ID of iPhones or three-dimensional face recognition Face ID (also on Mac by installing the desktop version of the app). It is important to specify that the information stored on 1Password is protected by encryption and cannot be used and shared with third-party companies from the same service.

Mate offline translator

Another very useful extension is Mate offline translatoralready very famous on Safari in desktop version. It is a small and powerful add-on that allows us to automatically translate the websites we visit into 40 different languages. Everything works through a browser and the procedure is intuitive and immediate. There are two features much loved by users who have installed the extension Mate: Mate offline translator: operation even offline and the possibility of translating the entire page or just a highlighted text, perhaps because that’s only what interests us.

Honey for Safari

Honey for Safari is an extension for iOS and iPadOS that automatically apply coupons on the best e-commerce sites to save money on our favorite shopping sites. The plugin is compatible with a huge number of websites and works in a simple way: find the perfect offer and apply any coupon at checkout to further lower the price.

Noir – Dark Mode for Safari

Noir – Dark Mode for Safari is a utility extension, as it introduces the dark mode on all the websites we usually visit, even if they don’t offer it natively. Noir it not only inverts the colors, but adapts them according to the site, which is certainly an advantage. The extension works in a simple way and makes versatility its strong point: it is possible to customize Noif so that it only works on certain sites, perhaps because they are the ones we visit the most that we have bookmarked on Safari.


1Blocker allows you to easily block ads, trackers and comments on websites. To use it, just activate a couple of switches. But it is also a very customizable and versatile extension: it allows, for example, to whitelist certain sites that we do not want to block, or even block specific URLs and much more. Support is also very important: it is an add-on that is very popular with developers and, not to be underestimated, it is light and does not consume resources or battery. In short, there are no major contraindications for not downloading it.


Already available on many other alternative browsers, Grammarly it’s a’extension for Safari which helps to avoid grammatical errors, especially if you are perhaps writing in a foreign language. It is very convenient for writing e-mails, messages and other professional texts in English: it monitors everything that is written on the browser and alerts the user to the existence of grammatical and spelling errors. Also interesting is the presence of an intelligent dictionary to check for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.


Pocket allows you to acquire articles, videos and other material online with a single click: the content is placed in a sort of binder and can be viewed in a space free of distractions.

How to install Safari Extensions on iPhone and iPad

For download Safari extensions on iPhone and iPad just enter the Settings app, scroll down and select Safari on the left, then click on the Extensions item on the right screen. To consult the extensions available on the App Store, just click on “Other extensions” to proceed with the download. To apply them, simply go back to the Settings and activate the app in the section dedicated to Safari.