Beware of “hidden costs” when activating a new fiber!

With the launch of the offer in Iliad fiber attention has been rekindled with regard to high-speed home lines, and with it also on the possible ones problems of the kind (regardless of the operator). On our Facebook group dedicated to Iliad (go here first to sign up) there have been, for example numerous protests for gods additional costs which were not foreseen, costs for which Iliad has practically no fault, and which are often attributable to installation charges not always clear to the end user. So let’s see what the two main causes of unforeseen “heavy taxes”.

Plant extension

In the fiber installation costs (which in the case of iliad correspond to € 39.99but for other operators they may vary), in fact, the positioning of the optical socket is included within 5 meters as the crow flies (on the same plane) from the point where the optical cable enters the house. This goes for practically any operatorunless otherwise provided.

Beyond this distance, gods are applied extra costs variables: in the case of iliad the extension costs € 69 up to 20 meters, as clearly visible on this page on the tariff transparency. The cost at other operators may differ from this, but we are still around very similar figures.

In theory it should be the technician who came to install the fiber a propose to you the extension, or in any case to inform you of the cost if you wanted to place the modem far from the entrance to the house, but this does not always happen, and so it can happen that you find yourself an unexpected charge in the first bill with the new operator.

Likewise, if they were to tell you that the modem must be placed by force within 5 meters, you must be the one to insistbecause that is only the “basic” installation, but through the paid options it is indeed possible to go further.

Overturning took

Another type of intervention that may be necessary is the flipping of the sockets, to plug the phone in any outlet home phone, and not just the modem provided by your operator. In this case the average cost is around 40 euros (39 in the case of iliad, always visible on the page above). So be aware that it is a service you are entitled to, but for a fee.


Be prepared for the arrival of the technician: is the best advice we can give you. Whoever comes to install the fiber has little or nothing to do with your operator, but it is in any case on the latter’s website (or by contacting him) that you will find the accurate prices for the interventions we have talked about.

Before request them therefore be well aware that these have a fixed cost. Furthermore, knowing what is included (and what is not) in the activation of your offer, you can protect yourself from zealous technicianswho may be doing extra work without telling you.

On the one hand, in short, it is right to know that certain services are expected, in case you are denied; on the other hand, you must be very clear with the technicians on what they are going to do in your home first that they do so, to avoid paying the costs; literally.