Board game: the releases of February 2022

As every month, the column dedicated to the news coming out for the Italian market returns punctually board game. This month of February 2022 sees a good deal of new titles hit store shelves. So, let’s not delay and let’s see what this January 2022 has in store for us.

Asmodee Italy

Arkham Horror LCG

For the card board game Arkham Horror LCGbased on Lovecraftian myths, this February 2022 sees the release of Temporal machinationsone unprecedented 78-card scenario in which investigators will travel between past, present and future to mend the shattered timeline, while Tindalos’ minions hunt them down relentlessly.

This scenario can be played with 1-4 investigators as a standalone scenario or inserted into any campaign as a side story. With 3 copies, it can be played with 3-12 investigators in epic multiplayer mode.

A Game of Cat & Mouth

Board game: February 2022

From the creators of Exploding Kittensa board game calamitous, pinball machine And super ruthless, which is addictive. The game is very simple: you have to throw flying balls with magnets Sling Paws. Players will have to quickly pick up any ball on their side of the board and throw it. To throw a ball, just insert it into the Slingshot Paw, pull it back and release it. Players will be able to throw any yellow or white ball to the other side of the board, and they will have to do it as fast as possible.

The Palace of Jabba


No compromises will be possible in this board game. Players will have to immerse themselves in the haunt of the evil gangster, Jabba the Hutt, in this quick game of cards, risk and deduction. They will use the skills of the heroes of theRebel Alliance and the inhabitants of the palace to defeat the enemies and complete their objectives.


Board game: February 2022

The wireless telephone… but with drawings! In Telesketch need draw the secret word and do hypothesis on what others have drawn. All players draw at the same time, pass their own drawing and make assumptions about the drawings of others: the results are always unexpected and hilarious.

Hogwarts Battle: Enchantments and Potions

Board game: February 2022

Back to class with the second expansion of the board game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. With the number of players increased to five, you can decide to play as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Ginny Weasley, as you work together to overcome a series of four games of increasing difficulty. Players will need cast Spells to complete Encounters, collect Ingredients to brew Potions and, more importantly, protect the wizarding world from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Time Stories Revolution – A Midsummer Night

Board game: February 2022

A strange world full of wonderful creatures, illusions and slyly distorted places: in this unique adventure and in this alternate reality, nothing is as it seems and fantasy reigns supreme. This board game is a new one standalone adventure to rediscover the universe of TIME Stories, with the new round of missions Time Stories Revolutionwhich can be played in any order.

Doodle Dungeon

Board game: February 2022

A completely empty dungeon, without labyrinthine walls, without cruel traps and above all without hero-killing monsters: in this board game it will be up to the players provide. In the first phase of the game you will install Walls, Traps, Monsters and Treasures, collecting cards and drawing these features on your Dungeon card.

The cards will also provide weapons, potions, and other useful actions that players will be able to use for fight any Hero who wants to loot your dungeon at a later stage. The player whose dungeon has the most valuable Treasures and the most Monsters left at the end of the game wins.

Murano – Masters of Light

In this board game, like glass masters of Muranothe players they will collect glass fragments and they will compete with other craftsmen of the islands of Venice. Their every move will have to be calculated and optimized to collect the right amount of colored glass fragments needed to fulfill customer orders. They will have to negotiate to optimize them Work stationuse their creations for get Benefits and create their masterpiece. The winner will be the richest player at the end of the game.

Gate on Games

Feed the Kraken

Board game: February 2022

In the board game Feed the Kraken players must prepare for one of the most dangerous and eventful voyages of their life as a sailor. The famous vessel Instabil has just sailed towards the safe harbor of Bluewater Bay with on board a crew of talented Sailors faithful to their assignment, or so it seems … Unfortunately, some dangerous ones are hiding among the ranks of the crew members Pirates who wish to divert the Instabil to Crimson Cove in order to be able to ransack it without any qualms. It is also rumored that a mysterious relic of an ancient was found on board Cult of the sea devoted to krakenthat it belongs to one of the passengers?

Between pacts of honor, mutinies and suffered sacrifices, this solid boat will sail the seas following the instructions of the captain and his lieutenants. However, the crew will be able to endorse the choices made by the captain and his deputies by plotting or not to mutiny. Each time the crew mutiny, a new captain is chosen who in turn will choose his deputies who will be equally important in deciding the route to follow. Will the Sailors be able to lead the Instabil to the safe harbor, or will the Pirates win it by sowing suspicion and lies? The confusion could, however, favor the Cultist, who in addition to winning by leading the boat into the mouth of the kraken, will be able to make sure that he is sacrificed to the monster he is devoted to in order to still achieve victory.

Ghenos Games

Terraforming Mars – Ares Expedition

Board game: February 2022

Terraforming Mars – Ares Expedition is a completely new board game independent of the world of the international best-seller, Terraforming Mars. In this time of unprecedented prosperity and progress for humanity, we are finally ready to expand beyond what were once considered our limits and to create a new home among the stars. Ares Expedition is a card game in which the players control interplanetary corporations with the aim of make Mars habitable and profitable. With simultaneous selection of actions and resolution of phases, Ares Expedition is a fast paced strategy board game inspired by scientific principles.

Jekyll vs Hyde

Board game: February 2022

Jekyll vs. Hyde is a board game of took for two players based on the famous tale The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Of Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Jekyll will have to protect his mind from Mr. Hyde’s ferocious attacks and keep the secret of its dual nature. Mr. Hyde will have to dominate Dr. Jekyll for his identity to prevail.


Board game: February 2022

It is half of theeleventh century and the economic recovery is being felt across Europe. The development of new trade routes, concurrently with the Crusades in the Holy Land, has brought out several city-states which, in search of autonomy and stability, have established republican-type governments. Amalfi, Ancona, Genoa, Pisa, Ragusa of Dalmatia, Venice… In this board game, each player represents one Maritime Republic with peculiar characteristics: it must make it stand out, obtaining greater commercial, war and political prestige, but also engaging in the development and stability of a republican type of power.

Little Rocket Games


Board game: February 2022

The kingdom is safe for now … But there Sword of Protection it was broken in battle. The King did call the players for create a new Sword of Protection. Swordcrafters is a board game in 6 rounds, each of which is divided into several phases. At the end of the game, points will be awarded based on the length, quality and magic of the sword forged by the players.

MS Editions

In yellow

Board game: February 2022

In Yellow it is a board game cooperative Of investigation. As the young detective Claire Harper players will have to to investigate on mysterious crimes set in 1930s. Alone or with friends, players will join her in her adventures, amidst stately mansions and ruined theaters, from Scotland to Egypt.

Pendragon Game Studio

The Kingdom of Valyria

Board game: February 2022

The Kingdom of Valyria he is again threatened by legions of the undead, goblins, monsters and many more frightening creatures. The king of Valyria, now elderly, no longer possesses the strength necessary to protect his great kingdom and needs the help of the players. Neither The Kingdom of Valyria players play the role of Dukes and Duchesses who have the power to hire citizens, buy domains and defeat monsters, with the aim of restoring peace to Valiria and becoming its future ruler. During each turn, a player rolls the dice and checks which citizen activates his power for all players at the table. So on his turn, he can use actions that allow him to hire new citizens based on their benefits, buy domains with unique powers, or defeat monsters for rewards and victory points.

Supernova Studio

Inis – Big Box

Board game: February 2022

Together with the other clans, the players have reached the new uninhabited lands to conquer. Only the most cunning and courageous commander will be able to unite the clans and be elected ruler of Inis! Inis is a board game of control of the territory, where players use various types of cards to move their clans around the territory, discover new ones, clash with opposing clans, found new citadels and build new sanctuaries. The great variety of possible actions and the numerous ways to win the game make the game deep and strategic but also full of surprises. In addition to the mechanics, the other strong point of INIS is the aesthetics. Stunning Celtic-style illustrations, each different on each game card and on the terrain tiles, serve to immerse players in the legendary world of INIS, made up of warriors, gods and great adventures. This new edition complete Big Box already includes all components of the expansion Seasons of Inis, which add to the already vast experience of the base game the pieces for the fifth player, the ports and the islands, the rules for the seasons and the special end-game rules that speed it up.