Bug with OnePlus Gallery App? Here is the solution

Several OnePlus customers have been complaining for weeks a problem in the Gallery app. A few seconds of paralysis at the interface when sharing a photo or video, no uninstalling of app updates, cleaning cache and derivatives or restarting the smartphone it holds. A do-it-yourself solution to inexplicable behavior, in short, the community could not find it.

OnePlus, however, in the meantime has taken into consideration the reports and the search for a solution has started. It was not easy to let the company know with a post on the official forum, due to the fact that the malfunction it does not derive solely from the Gallery app but is related to Google Messages. And that is why the buffer solution illustrated by OnePlus to the customers of the community brings up the Mountain View app for messages.


  1. open the Google Play Store and search for Messages
  2. tap on Uninstall to delete recent updates to the app and go back to a previous version
  3. make sure automatic updates are disabled by tapping the three-dot button in the top right corner of the screen
  4. when the problem is resolved, you will be able to re-enable automatic updates for the Google Messages app

In case you can’t find the Messages app when opening the Play Store, OnePlus recommends:

  1. open the Play Store, tap on your account icon, then on Manage apps and again on Manage
  2. look for the Messages app in the list and follow the steps indicated by points 2 and 3 described above

In fact, OnePlus attributes the problem toincompatibility between the two apps involved, Gallery and Messages, suggesting to work with an earlier version of the latter to resolve the “skirmishes” with the gallery. On closer inspection OnePlus seems to be pointing the finger at the Google app: it writes, after thanking customers for their patience, that “as soon as Messages has been corrected we will update the thread and it will be possible to update it without running into problems”.

A reading that is not too convincing since among the answers to the discussion there are those who report, a few hours after the OnePlus post, the arrival of a software update 170 MB whose only news reported by the changelog is the solution to the problem of the Gallery app. Not exactly the update to the Google Messages app mentioned in the thread, then. But basically all is well what ends well, right?