Call of Duty free and with zombies coming in 2023?

There are many rumors that closely regard the franchise of call of Duty in the last period: the last very interesting came from Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg journalist, who echoing the rumors launched by the insider Tom Henderson said that Activision it won’t launch any new main game in 2023. That would be one stop on an annual basis which would arrive after 15 years.

Now, another rumor, also from Tom Henderson, along with leakers RalphsValve and CODMW2Informer, claims that Treyarch is working on a standalone episode of Call of Duty zombie themed to launch in free-to-play in 2023.

Call of Duty Zombie in 2023 is free-to-play, what do we know?

If what has been said were to correspond to the truth, it would be a strategy perfectly in line with what concerns the popularity of the series in recent times: despite the last episode, Call of Duty Vanguarddid not sell very well, it seems that fans are extremely satisfied with the Zombie mode.

An autonomous game, moreover marketed through the formula free-to-playwould allow the developer to ride the wave of success, make the changes desired by the fans and thus fill the void of the absence of a main chapter in 2023.

These are obviously all indiscretions that will then have to be officially confirmed by the team and by Activision itself: in the meantime, we know that 2022 will be the year of Modern Warfare 2in progress at Infinity Ward and, perhaps, with the beginning of 2023 it could also arrive Warzone 2.

It is still early to talk about it, but we hope to receive official indications in this regard in the coming weeks.