Checks, here is the new Google solution for privacy

Is called Checks and it is the latest project born from Area 120the division of Google which can be considered as a sort of incubator of ideas to be developed and grown.

At the heart of Checks is a desire to help users and mobile application developers a juggle problems related to privacy: more and more frequently, in fact, the former ask themselves what risks they run and the latter find it difficult to understand how to create safe apps for those who decide to use them.

How Checks works and what it offers

In essence, Checks can be considered a new platform for privacyborn with the aim of helping to simplify privacy and reduce risks for mobile app developers.

According to what is explained by the Google team in a post on the company’s official blogChecks should be able to help mobile app developers of all sizes save time by avoiding them getting lost in complicated processes, thanks to a system of automated controls related to privacy.

With Checks, developers will have a valuable assistant that will enable them to make informed decisions and identify potential privacy compliance issues, all while relying on plain language and links to relevant resources.

The Google team is keen to highlight how Checks is a “collaborative” solution, specially designed to allow companies that decide to exploit it to focus on any problems and quickly find the relative solutions.

The Mountain View giant says it is eager to offer a practical demonstration of the potential of Checks to the teams of developers who are currently working on the privacy aspects of their mobile apps and invites them to request early access to the platform.

For more information on Checks, we refer you to the official website, which you can find following this link.