Chrome for Android, goodbye to save data mode from the end of March

Google announces the end of another service: from the March 29with the release of Chrome M100 in stable version, Lite Mode will be disabledor the data save mode available in Chrome for Android. The feature began in 2014 – at the time it was called Chrome Data Saver to meet the needs of users interested in limiting data consumption and loading pages faster. The following year it also arrived on PC via browser extension.

Google acknowledges that the scenario has changed in recent years and believes it is no longer necessary to support Lite Mode. However, the Mountain View house promises to continue to work to optimize data consumption in other ways and shorten uploads:

In recent years we have seen a decrease in mobile data costs in many countries and we have made many improvements in Chrome to further reduce data usage and improve web page loading. While Lite Mode is about to disappear, we continue to continue our efforts to ensure that Chrome can offer a fast web page loading experience on mobile devices.

The function was particularly appreciated in markets that do not offer fast mobile connections (eg emerging countries) or where operators offer the service at high prices. From the end of March, Lite Mode will not be available in either version 100 or earlier.

Those who have never heard of it, nor felt the need to activate it will probably not regret it, while those who want to try it before the end of the support must do nothing but open Chrome for Android (on smartphone or tablet), touch the icon a three dots in the upper right corner, then select Settings and activate the Lite mode.

The Lite mode, in addition to speeding up the loading of pages, promises to use up to 60% less data than the standard mode. Users can control the amount of data saved through the path Settings > Lite mode. The section will report a list of sites visited with the respective amounts of data saved.