Close-Up: our interview with Jakidale, the tech youtuber with 2 million subscribers | Video

Today he leaves Close-Up, our new format dedicated to the history and tricks of the trade of the most relevant creators on the Italian scene. We will meet youtubers, influencers, prominent personalities from the world of technology and beyond, who will tell us their professional and personal story live: from the most curious anecdotes to fragments of private life, passing through the equipment used to create the contents to ideas, to more or less consolidated habits and small tricks of the trade.

All of this, shot entirely with smartphone.

The pilot episode of Close-Up has as protagonist Jakidale, aka Jacopo D’Alesio, a youtuber just 22 years old with 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube who, from the shores of Lake Maggiore where he comes from, broke the platform with his highly creative (and nerdy) businesses. With a background in gaming – his channel was the first reference for video games like Clash of Clans – and a present of adventures, challenges and experiments, Jakidale is one of the most interesting creators of the current social scenario. His contents, permeated by an impulse to change that goes hand in hand with his personal growth, are crossed by a single red thread: technology. In his videos, Jakidale shows how technology can help people under the most disparate versions, with an approach halfway between entertainment and dissemination.

We retraced his history from the beginning, when the “video” symbol stamped on the bezel of the small digital camera he received as a gift from his parents became his best ally, when he witnessed a surge in the channel’s followers, which they went to 100,000 in just one year from the opening of the canal, in 2014. Up to now, to its having become a reference point in the sector, to its studio (which we have explored in all its abstractions), to the setup which can not give up for the creation of content, its relationship with social networks, its breeding of ants (seeing is believing) and much, much more.

To carry out the interview we used the latest top of the Samsung range, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

If you are interested in watching Jakidale’s videos, visit his YouTube channel.

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