Cointelegraph Top 100 concludes with a special entry that unites us all

The countdown to Cointelegraph’s list of the most influential figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is drawing to a close, saving the best for last. The Top 10 has been revealed, and a surprise contender takes the special spot at #0.

The past year has been tough, and heading into the last days of February, it’s not getting any better. The myriad headwinds – including the pandemic, inflation, riots and protests, and military conflict – have raised fears to an all-time high, while driving markets and prices lower. But hope is not lost. Bitcoin (BTC) has recovered, the hodlers are still hodlering, and humanity will overcome the many current challenges. That’s why the message that occupies the special #0 spot on the top 100 list is: We’re all going to make it!

With figures like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin taking their respective places on the list, many may be wondering: Who is above them all? The answer is the belief and hope that everything will get better.


As always, many may disagree with the list, but Cointelegraph created it to keep track of all the characters who made their mark in 2021 and who will continue their contributions in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in 2022.

Those who contribute to the growth of the blockchain industry are scattered throughout the world, and even more people will continue to be attracted for years to come. That is why the Cointelegraph team will always be here to bring you the latest developments when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Thank you for making us your go-to source for cryptocurrency news, and enjoy the final post of the Cointelegraph Top 100 in Crypto and Blockchain of this year.

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