Continuous Market companies present in Russia and Ukraine

Inditex, Acerinox, Amadeus, Fluidra or Melia Hotels are some of the Spanish companies listed on the Continuous Market present in Russia and Ukraine that will be affected by the war after the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has ordered a military operation , with several explosions in different cities of Ukraine.

Specifically, according to the records of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) to which Europa Press had access, About 30 Spanish companies are voluntarily registered on the website of the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Kiev (Ukraine) and more than 130 on the Russian website.

Specifically, along with Inditex includes other companies such as Amadeus, Tous, Lladró, Mayoral, Rocapiel or Teka Industrial, with a presence in Ukraine.

Likewise, in Russia, Inditex is also present together with Acerinox, Cie Automotive, Fluidra, Gestamp, Grupo Antolín, Grupo Corporativo Fuertes, Iberia, Indra, Tous, Lladró, Meliá Hotels International, Repsol, Tendam and Viscofan.

According to Icex, the information on Spanish companies abroad is continuously reviewed, updated and completed by the Economic and Commercial Offices of the Spanish Embassies abroad.

Nearly 15,000 Spanish companies maintain export or import trade relations with Russia or Ukraine for a value in 2021 of more than 11,300 million euros, which are now put at risk due to the crisis between the two countries.

According to data on foreign trade in goods published by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and consulted by Europa Press, a total of 5,432 Spanish companies have trade relations with Ukraine, worth 3,091.78 million euros.

Specifically, 3,777 Spanish companies exported goods to the Eastern European country in 2021 worth 681.78 million euros, while another 1,655 companies imported products valued at 2,410 million. Regarding the total trade declared last year, these commercial exchanges account for 0.21% and 0.70% of the total exports and imports of Spain, respectively.

As far as Russia is concerned, the trade volume is somewhat higher. During 2021 as a whole, a total of 4,981 companies based in Spain exported products to Russia worth 2,213.26 million euros. This represents 0.7% of the total exports from Spain during the past year.

On their side, another 4,599 companies imported goods from Russia valued at 6,033.26 million euros, which represents 1.8% of Spain’s exports in 2021. In total, 9,580 companies maintain commercial relations with Russia worth 8,246 .89 million euros.

This data only includes individual trade relations with both countries, so the total number of companies exposed may be slightly lower, since there may be companies that export and import to only one country or to both.