Deel announced that it enables payments in USDC

Of thethe company that is responsible for helping and managing payments for remote contracts, announced this week that From now on, it allows the companies that provide their service the option of paying their international team using USDC.

This announcement comes after the same company last year enabled cryptocurrency withdrawals for workers, allowing anyone paid through Deel to withdraw their earnings directly to their Coinbase account in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, Solana and Dash. for almost instant withdrawals.

In this sense, they comment that the demand for payments in cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing in 2022. Furthermore, they commented that based on their data, they have seen a 10% month-over-month increase in demand for crypto salary payments among their users.

“Today we are taking things a step further by allowing companies to finance payments in USDC. Companies holding their money in USDC can make a payment directly to Deel through their Coinbase account to cover payments for their global team. Once the company has paid the money in Deel, the workers can withdraw in more than 150 currencies, including Crypto”, they pointed out through an official statement.

They also noted that by paying with USDC, companies will no longer need to convert their balance into fiat currencies just to execute global payments, and that they are also already aiming to include other stable currencies. “We started with USDC because it is one of the fastest growing stablecoins, and since it is pegged to the dollar, there is less room for volatility. With Coinbase as a partner, we look forward to introducing more stablecoin in the future.”they added.

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