Destiny 2’s new expansion and Season of the Reborn begins today!

Lorenzo Delli

Today February 22 Bungie launches Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers, the new expansion of the famous online shooter now part of the PlayStation family. For the avoidance of doubt, the expansion, as well as the game, arrives on all platforms.

The Queen of Whispers is there first expansion of the final trilogy on the saga of Light and Dark of Destiny 2. Here players, veterans and non-veterans alike, will discover new abilities, facing new challenges with the sole purpose of protecting the solar system from the enemies of humanity.

In addition to the new expansion, today February 22 marks the beginning of the new content season, the so-called Season of the Reborn. In The Whispering Queen and Season of the Reborn we will see the Guardians engaged in the fight against Savathûn, goddess of the hive, to claim the power of the Light. To try to beat her, we’ll explore the throne, her seat of power. Interposing between the guardians and their target will be there Brood Shinya new hive army capable of wielding the same Light powers as the Guardians.

To defeat them, Guardians in this new season will harness a Light suppression technology offered by an uncertain alliance with Caiatlthe empress of the Cabal.

Salient features

  • The Shining Brood. Savathûn has endowed his soldiers with the powers of Light. Guardians will now have to deal with enemies able to come back to life, to wield superpowers (if not familiar) and more.
  • Weapons production. With Deep Sight, Guardians will be able to forge and upgrade a tremendous arsenal. Take advantage of the new system to create custom destruction tools, with unique combinations of mods, shaders and advanced stats.
  • The falchion. A formidable melee weapon with first-person view – a true force at close range and beyond. This weapon can also deploy a powerful energy shield that protects its wielder.
  • The tronomondo. The new destination of Destiny 2. The throne, a place of corruption and splendor, is the seat of power of Savathûn. Here, the guardians will have to fight for the truth, discovering that the mysteries involve both the Light and the Dark.
  • Source. A new six-player matchmaking activity that represents the struggle for the conquest of the world.
  • New “Disciple’s Promise” raid. A submerged Pyramid hides in the swamps of Savathûn’s throne. Guardians will have to assemble their squad and face the ancient dangers of this place.

Season of the Reborn

The season includes:

  • PsiOp Battlefields. The Guardians will locate and capture the Lieutenants of the Shining Hive in the solar system. Then, with the help of Caiatl’s most trusted psykers, they will enter the psychworld, a psychic plane where thoughts manifest as physical reality. He neutralizes the glowing hive and captures Savathûn’s lieutenants to proclaim victory.
  • Seasonal Artifact: Synaptic Spear. The Lance Synaptic uses Caiatl’s technology that allows you to suppress the Light. Penetrate into the minds of the hive and break their connection with the Light. Upgrade the spear to access powerful new modifications and customize your play style.
  • Exotic enterprise. Investigate anti-Caiatl psionic propaganda originating from a bunker on Mars and unlock the Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher. This breech-load grenade launcher releases three energy waves upon contact with the ground and can change elemental damage with reload, just like the exotic Hard Light and Borealis.

All players of Destiny 2 will be able to take advantage of the free Void 3.0 update, implemented with the launch of the expansion The Queen of Whispers and of Season of the Reborn. The new update to the elemental power set of Destiny 2 adds natures and fragments to the subclass of the void, as has happened with the subclass of stasis in Beyond the Light.

Race to the world record

Mark your calendar on March 5, 2022, 19:00 o’clock. From that date and time, the doors of the “Disciple’s Promise” raid will open. With the launch of the raid, Bungie will kick off the World First Race and reward the team that completes the task first. Once victory is confirmed, each player on the team will receive an exclusive raid belt, as well as the world first title in play. The winners of the world record will be officially announced in the days following the launch of the raid.

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers – Screenshot