Disney +, all the news arriving in April 2022


After seeing the news coming to Netflix next month, this time it’s Disney +’s turn. Here is the complete list of unreleased films and TV series that will be released in April, within which we find expected productions such as The Ignorant Fairies, Freshand some interesting content designed to celebrate the World Earth Daywhich will be celebrated on April 22, 2022. Complete list to follow, enjoy!



When Massimo, Antonia’s husband, is killed in an accident, the woman discovers that her husband was having an affair with a young man, Michele. Antonia, devastated by the news of her, finds herself investigating her husband’s secret life and forms an unexpected and engaging friendship with Michele and his circle of eccentric friends who were almost a second family for her husband. Thanks to all of them she will be able to change her point of view on her life, but will she learn to love again?


Disney + Original Series streaming April 13.



Money. Romance. Tragedy. Hoax. From executive producer Elizabeth Meriwether, The Dropout is the story of Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) and Theranos, a story of ambition and fame gone horribly wrong. How did the youngest billionaire who built herself lose everything in the blink of an eye?


All episodes of the Star Original series in streaming from April 20.



The most famous and beloved family returns with a new series that offers complete access to their lives. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie return to the cameras to tell the truth about their stories. From intense pressures to run a billion-dollar business to the funniest moments of free time and home-from-school, this series takes viewers into their own world with a compelling and honest story of love and life under the hood. spotlights.


Star Original series in streaming from April 14 in English with Italian subtitles.





An intimate and educational documentary series, Sketchbook – How A Drawing Is Made With Walt Disney Animation Studios takes us to the desks and lives of talented artists and animators who teach how to draw an iconic character from a Walt Disney Animation Studios film. Each episode focuses on a single artist illustrating a character he helped create or inspired him to want to be part of the Studios. As you learn the steps to draw these characters, it also turns out that the artists all have a unique story to tell about how they came to Disney and the character they chose. From the creators of Chef’s Table, this exclusive experience will give viewers of all ages the chance to understand how these beloved characters come to life on screen, while introducing them to a new group of characters that are part of real life.


Original six-part series available April 27.



A collective layoff at a New York media company forces 20-year-old alcoholic Samantha Fink to use the only chance she has to quit drinking and avoid jail: go home to her bully mother, Carol. Back in Greater Boston, her Samantha starts a new life, working in the local grocery store where she however she is surrounded by all the reasons that had prompted her to start drinking. Samantha then returns to confront the past, argues with her ex-best friend, who is now dating her ex-boyfriend, and embarks on a journey to forget the worst part of her and discover the best part of her. . More or less.


All episodes of the Star Original series will be streaming from 6 April.



In the second season of the series Jules (Kat Dennings) and her friends, after the pandemic and after the suffering in love, are about to turn thirty. Now that she’s reunited with her friends (Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell and Esther Povitsky), Jules will investigate herself more deeply and try to keep the group together.


The second full season of the Star Original series will be streaming from April 27th.



Zoey returns to Cal U for the final year, the milestone is approaching for her entire group. Friendships are tested, relationships become difficult, and the stakes are higher than ever. Will Zoey make it to graduation or will she be forced to change course?


The full fourth season will be streamed from April 20.



Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) meets the seductive Steve (Sebastian Stan) at a grocery store and, given her dissatisfaction with dating apps, takes the risk by leaving him her number. After their first date, Noa is fascinated and she accepts Steve’s invitation for a romantic weekend, but she discovers that her new lover is hiding unusual appetites.


An Original Star Movie Available April 15th.



Disney + Earth Day special LAST TEPUI: Vette Inespolarate, by National Geographic, follows climber Alex Honnold (Free Solo) and a world-renowned climbing team, led by National Geographic Explorer and climber Mark Synnott, on a mission grueling deep in the Amazon jungle, while attempting the first ascent of a sheer cliff more than 300 meters high. The goal is to take legendary biologist and National Geographic explorer, Bruce Means, to the top of a huge “island in the sky known as tepui. The team must first travel miles through a treacherous jungle path to help Dr. Means search unknown species on the cliff wall. The one-hour special is the new chapter in National Geographic’s long-running series, Explorer. During Earth Day, it will be possible to discover why the tepuis – just like the Galapagos – are a treasure trove of biodiversity to be to protect.


Streaming film from 22 April.



In Better Nate Than Nothing, 13-year-old Nate Foster dreams of Broadway. There’s only one problem: he can’t even get a part in the school play. But when his parents leave town, Nate and his best friend Libby sneak into the Big Apple for a once in a lifetime opportunity and to prove everyone wrong. A chance encounter with Aunt Heidi, whom Nate hasn’t seen in some time, turns his journey upside down. Together they must learn that life’s greatest adventures are as big as their dreams. Based on the award-winning novel.


Disney + Original Movie streaming April 1st.



Avery Hansen-White doesn’t do things he knows he doesn’t excel at. So when her distant boyfriend hints at wanting to take a step forward in their relationship, she sets out to improve her sexuality by using her oldest friend, Larson, as a guinea pig. In this hilarious teen comedy, Avery’s study results in the realization that sex and love aren’t just mechanical and that relationships require both head and heart.


Star Original film streaming from 8 April.



Narrated in the original version by two-time Oscar® nominee Catherine Keener (Truman Hood In cold blood, Being John Malkovich), Polar Bear tells the story of a new bear mother whose childhood memories prepare her for motherhood in an increasingly difficult world for polar bears.


Directed by Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson, the directing team behind Penguins by Disneynature, and produced by Fothergill, Wilson and Conli, Polar Bearwith Last Tepui: unexplored peaks And Return to the farm of our dreams by National Geographic, will debut on Earth Day and take Disney + viewers on a journey around the world – from the rainforests of Guyana to California farms to the frozen tundras of the Arctic – to witness and celebrate the diversity and resilience of our planet. and of the species that inhabit it.


Available on Disney + from April 22nd.