DOUBLE the display and enjoy mobile streaming (€ 7)

A display amplifier. Usual useless accessory or the turning point?

You use it when you watch streaming content on mobile and at least enjoy the show without squinting. Very easy to use, compact in size and ultra slim if you have to carry it around. In my opinion she is a genius also because costs the minimum: € 7.99 and it’s yours now.

With Prime shipments, you receive it at home in one or two days without having to pay an extra euro.

Display amplifier: double size at minimum price

Not having a tablet on hand could be destructive especially for your eyesight. Without having to spend astronomical amounts to remedy this small inconvenience, with this gadget solve instantly.

This is a very convenient display amplifier that works like a magnifying glass. You put the video playing on the phone, then you place it behind the panel and tac: you see everything in a gigantic way. In fact, you pass from an average of 6 inches to as much as 12 in one move.

The amplifier it does not need wires and batteries to work, you simply have to open it in one move. With its integrated stand, you can place your smartphone in a jiffy and when you’re done using it, you close it and take up the space of a notebook.

Basically it is comodissimo to always have behind.

What are you waiting for to revolutionize your leisure hours? Buy your display amplifier on the fly and turn your smartphone into a portable cinema. With € 7.99 on Amazon you get it instantlyyou do not have time to click on “order” that thanks to Prime the courier rings the intercom.

Shipping is completely free if you have an active subscription.

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