El Salvador inaugurates a veterinary hospital financed with bitcoin

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, inaugurated Chivo Pets, the first public veterinary hospital in that Central American nation financed with part of the profits obtained from the rise of bitcoin (BTC) in October of last year.

The doors of the hospital will be open to the public from next Saturday, February 26, and will attend patients from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, every day and emergencies 24/7. Appointments can be requested through http://chivopets.sv or by calling 195, depending reported the Presidential House of El Salvador.

The price of consultations will be USD 0.25 and can be paid from any digital wallet. “All procedures will have the same price to help people who do not have the financial capacity to pay for a private veterinarian,” indicated the Salvadoran government.


The new medical facility for pets has 12 offices and they estimate they will give 384 daily queries.

The veterinary hospital will open its doors to the public on February 26 and they estimate to give 384 daily consultations. Source: Twitter.

“The clinical laboratory of Chivo Pets is an important complement to the day-to-day of the veterinary doctor to be able to accurately diagnose the ailments that each furry one suffers, from kidney profiles to liver profiles,” they explained.

The medical center is divided by stations, infectious and non-infectious cat or dog hospitalization. Additionally, it has four operating rooms, one of which is dedicated to patients admitted for emergencies. An imaging area divided into radiology and ultrasonography.

There’s also dog rehabilitation and hairdressing areas. Among other things, the hospital has available co-workingalong with two classrooms and an auditorium, which “will allow the integration of staff, generating an environment for the exchange of experiences and knowledge that will benefit professionals and patients,” they said.

escrow with bitcoin

The construction of the veterinary hospital in El Salvador, as mentioned at the beginning, comes from part of the profits left by the rise in the price of bitcoin to the FIDEBITCOIN trust, in October of last year, when the currency exceeded USD 55,000.

The play It was built with the surplus of the trust. “FIDEBITCOIN has a surplus of USD 4 million, with respect to the amount that the law establishes that it must manage,” were the words of Bukele, reported by CriptoNoticias.

The trust, which was approved last August, is for USD 150 million and provides liquidity for the conversion between BTC and US dollars to users of the Chivo wallet. Also, from there came the money for the bonus of USD 30 in bitcoin that each user of the aforementioned application received.

It should be noted that El Salvador is the first country in the world that gives legal tender to bitcoin. In the Central American nation, not only individuals and companies are empowered to use bitcoin as currency, but also public administration bodies and other state entities.