Electron-bot, the malware that lives in the gaming apps of the Microsoft store

Security researchers of Check Point Research have discovered a new malware hiding in some games on the Microsoft Store: it’s called Electron-bot, was born in Bulgaria and impressed over 5,000 victims in 20 countriesmainly Sweden, Bermuda, Israel and Spain.

Electron-bot can check the social media accounts of its victims, can register new accounts, log in, comment and like other posts. The malware also does links to certain websites and generates ad clicks (and therefore profit for the creators) e directs traffic to specific YouTube and SoundCloud accounts to increase their views.

The malware in question hides in Microsoft’s games store: not just some very popular apps like Subway Surfer And Temple Run have been infected in past (for these, therefore, there should be no dangers), but several lesser-known games have contributed to the spread of Electron-bot. In particular, this is the list of apps to uninstall immediately:

  • Lupy games
  • Crazy 4 games.
  • Jeuxjeuxkeux games
  • Akshi games
  • Goo Games
  • Bizon houses

CPR has obviously reported to Microsoft all game publishers that are connected to this malware and we hope that the Redmond company will soon be able to clean up the store.