Elektra, a Ricardo Salinas company, begins accepting payments in Bitcoin

Grupo Elektra, one of the largest home appliance companies in Mexico, owned by Ricardo Salinas, opened the doors to Bitcoin payments this week.

Ricardo Salinas, the third richest man in Mexico, announced that his Elektra appliance stores are already accepting payments with Bitcoin, being the first in the country to implement payments with cryptocurrencies. Salinas anticipated last September that Elektra would allow paying for the products in its store with Bitcoin. Since last year, the billionaire businessman has been supporting and defending the use of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, for its ease and efficiency when making payments and for its potential for growth and revaluation in the long term.

From its web portal, Elektra details that customers and consumers interested in making payments with Bitcoin can enjoy a 20% discount on their purchases. The promotion offered by the Mexican retailer to encourage the use of Bitcoin as a payment method will be valid until December 31 of this year.

Elektra is accepting payments in bitcoin in collaboration with a cryptocurrency payment service provider. Store users who wish to pay with bitcoins will have a 15-minute window to maintain the quote and pay for their products. The price will include the mining fees of the network. Likewise, in its terms and conditions, the company reminds that the use, access and security of crypto assets are under the responsibility of the owners and not of the company.

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Grupo Salinas wants to adopt Bitcoin

Ricardo Salinas is known as a avid Bitcoin advocate on their social networks. On his Twitter profile, she shows a photo edited with laser eyes; an action used by bitcoiners to emphasize their support for cryptocurrency as an instrument of economic empowerment and financial freedom. Michael Saylorpresident of MicroStrategy, Nayib Bukelepresident of El Salvador and Meltem Demirors, CSO of CoinShares, are some of the most recognized bitcoiners who have used laser eyes to express their support for the Bitcoin revolution. In the case of Salinas, the businessman confirmed that he was a major BTC investor in November 2020, indicating that he maintains at least 10% of his investment portfolio in this cryptocurrency. According data According to Forbes, Salinas’s net worth reached $12.8 billion this year.

Salinas’s interest in Bitcoin has led him on several occasions to recommend the cryptocurrency as a modern investment asset with great potential. Also, in June, he stated that Banco Azteca, which belongs to Grupo Salinas together with Elektra and other companies, would be the first bank in Mexico to open the doors to trade and investment in crypto assets. However, this has not been possible due to the refusal of the country’s financial regulators against cryptocurrencies. The Bank of Mexico, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the National Banking and Securities Commission of the country have spoken out against the use of cryptoactives, considering them illegal and highly volatile.

Demand and interest in cryptocurrencies

In addition to Elektra and Banco Azteca, the Mexican airline Volaris and the Mexican Stock Exchange they also want to join the innovation of cryptocurrencies. Enrique Beltranena, CEO of Volaris, confirmed that the airline wants to become the first in the country to adopt payments with Bitcoin and other crypto assets. For his part, the president of the Mexican Stock Exchange, José-Oriol Bosch Par, said that the exchange is evaluating the possibility of integrating new financial instruments related to cryptocurrencies, such as futures contracts and ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

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