Etsy hits sellers with 30% commission increase

Etsy just announced a increase in commissions of transition of the seller from 5% to 6.5%. The increase will take effect from 11 April. The increase comes as a result of a turnover of fourth quarter 2021 which reached 717 million dollarsthe. Also, Etsy got involved 10 million more usersbringing the total number of customers to 90 million.

Etsy said the commission increase will serve to improve the “marketing, tools for sellers and creating world-class customer experiences.” In any case, the change may not be well received by traders on the platform, who have already complained about previous changes in the past (the latest in 2018, when commissions increased since 3.5% to 5%).

However, Etsy’s CEO, Josh Silvermanhe has declared: “We have demonstrated our ability to make improvements that directly translate into more sales for our salespeople. Our new transaction fee, therefore, will allow us to invest in key areas such as marketing and support to further extend our strong momentum. “