Facebook Reel available in Italy, with new earning opportunities

A half officially announces the availability of Facebook Reel for iOS And Android in over 150 countries around the world, including Italy, with additional ways of earning designed for creator.

Welcome to Facebook Reels

After thehuge success levied on Instagram, here the Reel make their debut also on Facebook. All the creator in the United States, Canada and Mexico which are part of the program in-stream advertisements they are automatically eligible for monetization through advertisements within their public reels. By mid-March, these tests will also be rolled out to creators in nearly every country where in-stream ads are available.

In the coming weeks, tests will also begin with regard to the Stars on Facebook Reels: users will be able to support theirs creator just buying and sending Stars while looking at their Reels. Both overlay listings and Stars will allow creator to earn and grow proportionally to the views and the respective interactions of the public.

Among the new features available there will also be:

  • Remix: create your own Reel using all or part of another Reel shared publicly on Facebook.
  • 60 Second Reel: realizes Reel lasting a maximum of 1 minute.
  • Drafts: soon you will be able to create a Reel and choose to “save it as draft” by clicking on the “Save” button.
  • Video Clipping: video editing tools will be launched in the coming months that will make the work of the creator.

Furthermore, to increase the diffusion of the Reel on Facebook, these will also be made available in the Stories, in the Watch section, in the Feeds and in the groups.