Fallout New Vegas 2, something is moving: first contacts in Microsoft

The dream of fans of the series to see the birth of Fallout New Vegas 2: the journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, very close to the Microsoft environment, says in fact that the first internal contacts would have been made with the Redmond giant and the developer Obsidian.

It’s still very early, but people have started talking and saying these words: “Obsidian” and “New Vegas 2“.

This is what Jeff Grubb explained during the last episode of his podcast Grubbsnax, who added that we are still talking about something that could come. only in several yearsbut there would be at least a concrete interest in making it a reality.

Will Fallout New Vegas 2 Really Come Out? What is known at the moment

The first speculations to that effect came when Microsoft announced the acquisition of Bethesda, which obviously also brought the Fallout franchise as a dowry. Many immediately thought of Obsidianacquired the year before, the team behind Fallout New Vegas, a spin-off launched in 2010 and which has earned the acclaim of fans of the series.

The developer has never hidden the intention of wanting to make a sequel, as confirmed in 2013 by CEO Feargus Urquhart in an interview, stating that he has several ideas in this regard.

The fact that now the franchise and Obsidian share the same roof, that of the Xbox Game Studiosmakes everything theoretically feasible: and, according to these rumors, some internal chat would actually have arisen.

It is still too early to say obviously if Fallout New Vegas 2 will it really come out or remain a project in the developer’s mind and in the hopes of fans of the post-apocalyptic series. After all, it could also be a way to bring the franchise back sooner than expected, considering that Bethesda is currently engaged on Starfield and will then move on to The Elder Scrolls 6. A Fallout 5in short, it would not seem just around the corner.

Obsidian is working on Avowed And The Outer Worlds 2both exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X / S.