First restaurant opened in Abruzzo with Nft

SmartWorld team

It is located in Abruzzo, Japanese cuisine and is the first restaurant with NFT to open in Italy. That is the first restaurant where dishes and dishes, in addition to being eaten, become digital works of art that can be purchased by collectors.

A step back, for those who still do not know what are NFTs: Non Fungible Tokens are unique and non-replicable digital creations and collectible works, each characterized by a specific code and certificate of ownership, and already numerous realities operating in the world of art and culture (museums and auction houses of world fame in primis) have invested in them or have included them in the catalog.

What are Nft in the restaurant world

Having said that, we can explain what the owners of the sushi restaurant have done Oishi Pescara, which also has an office in Teramo: the restaurant gives the possibility to acquire an NFT Utility, that is a virtual token representing the deed of ownership and the certificate of authenticity, registered on the blockchain, a cryptographic and decentralized system that allows the registration of a single asset. In the case of Oishi, a work of art created in collaboration with the Abruzzo digital artist Pierpaolo Barnabeiin art Fruits.

The purchase, in addition to the digital artwork, also gives the opportunity to access a series of exclusive activities such as a dedicated tasting menu, called ‘Omakase’, which in Japanese means ‘to trust’ and which is defined as “a path of flavors where Eastern and Western cuisine blend to obtain an irresistible combination “. Furthermore, the owners of the NFT utility they will have access to off-menu dishes, reserved discounts, the possibility of paying in crypto currencies and will also have the possibility of accessing an exclusive community to always be in direct contact with the staff and the property. A sort of VIP pass as it already happens for the fans. There are in fact many football clubs that have decided to invest in NFT and in fan tokenor “digital information recorded on a distributed ledger” that can be exchanged using the blockchain technology.

In short, in the Japanese restaurant Oishi, the NFT utilities become real virtual tokens that represent the deed of ownership with a authenticity certificate, registered on the blockchain. The collection is called “Always on my mind”, and the subject of the works is a girl in profile who has printed polaroids on her head with the dishes created by the chefs of the restaurants and the words, in fact, “Always on my mind” . Each piece is different and unique, however, thanks to the color shades and the background.

How to get an Oishi NFT

The Oishi restaurant explains that to get an NFT Pishi you have to log into the platform OpenSea ( and search for the works: OishiNFT.

For the purchase it is necessary to be in possession of Ethereum, the digital currency that powers the transactions on the blockchain. Once you have purchased the work, you can insert it in your Wallet: once shown at the restaurant, the work gives access to the exclusive services already listed.

“Membership becomes an asset for the NFT utility holder, which can later be sold, transferred or rented to others on the secondary market – explain Oishi again – Using NFTs, Oishi will be able to create a club of members to whom we can provide even more special experiences. “

The NFT restaurant in New York

The idea of ​​the founders of Oishi – opened in 2015 by a group of young entrepreneurs and already very well positioned in the Michelin Guide – came from overseas, specifically from New Yorkwhere the opening of the first has already been announced “Nft restaurant” in the world.

It will be called Flyfish Club, a fish restaurant of the VCR group that will actually be a private club, because only people who have purchased the Flyfish NFT with cryptocurrency, a unique digital asset stored on the blockchain, will be able to access. The club will open in 2023, and there are two types of registrations: the standard one, with the purchase of an NFT (with an uncredited value) of a yellowfin tuna, and the more exclusive one, which gives the customer access to the private club room and guarantees tokens that virtually reproduce the various sushi and sashimi dishes on the menu.

The interest in the new dinner club is evidently very high, because one year after the scheduled opening, the first thousand subscriptions were sold out within a few hours, demonstrating that the “hype” around the NFT is very high. But be careful: if you think it is a bubble it is better to re-evaluate your position, because all the giants of the world economy specializing in culture, art and consumer goods.