Galaxy S22, the Caviar limited edition versions are things for the rich

Does the 1,489 euros of the Galaxy S22 Ultra 12 / 512GB seem low? The less noble materials? The too sober style? There is a company that for years has been committed to raising the bar of prices, designs and materials used for the popular top of the range to levels that only the wealthiest users can reach. We talk about Caviar and his obsession: take a smartphone, twist it from the point of view of design and finishes, and then propose it in a limited edition at high figures. The same fate befell the new top range of the South Korean manufacturer.

Caviar has already included in its rich catalog the six limited edition versions of the S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra. All use different materials than the versions normal: carbon fiber, titanium and gold. Model more expensive is the S22 Ultra in an Ocelot version inspired by art deco: choosing it in the 512GB memory size you have to take into account an outlay equal to 6,610 euros, giving up a bit of storage slightly exceeds 6,000 euros (model with 128GB). Of this, as well as of the other 5 variants, only 99 units are produced.

Something cheaper and less golden? Then you can opt for the Titanium version with carbon fiber inserts starting at 5,050 euros (S22 with 128GB of storage) or even for the Victory variant from 5,250 euros (S22 128GB) with a backcover also in titanium but with a satin finish of dark color in the upper part and a crocodile leather insert in the lower part.

Link in SOURCE to explore the entire catalog dedicated by Caviar to the new exclusive versions of the Galaxy S22 and eventually finalize the purchase (wallet permitting). Ordinary mortals, on the other hand, can orient themselves on one of the official versions, proposed at much lower figures – everything is relative.

(updated February 22, 2022, 5:22 pm)