Garmin working on a smartwatch with a solar-powered OLED display

Garmin has always produced excellent smartwatch but one of the “problems” related to its watches concerns the technology of the displays on board. Some of these, in fact, are a bit “subdued” with respect to the screens mounted on competitive models, including Huawei, Samsung or Apple Smartwatch.

This is due to Garmin’s preference for displays Memory in Pixel (MIP) for some of its devices versus the OLED panels we track aboard other products. The music, however, is about to change once and for all.

Garmin smartwatch with revolutionary display: the project in the pipeline

Specifically, displays with MIP technology tend to offer longer battery life, so for those who prefer a long battery life at the expense of the “liveliness” of colors they would be the best choice. However, what if you could have both benefits in the same product? Garmin would have thought of such an eventuality, as confirmation a patent spotted online yesterday.

The focus is on a display that would incorporate a photovoltaic layer inside an OLED panel. This means that not only the users would have at their service a very bright screen with high contrasts (peculiarities typically associated with OLED screens) but, at the same time, the photovoltaic layer would allow the clock to recharge using solar energy, thus being able increase the overall battery life on board the Garmin smartwatch.

In recent times, the company has unveiled some smartwatch models capable of recharge using sunlight, but a smartwatch with an OLED display and integrated solar charging could be a real novelty. We have no concrete news about the actual creation of such a watch, nor about the possible timing required, but it is still an interesting patent that Garmin could license to other smartwatch manufacturers in the near future.