Google Chrome dominates among the most used browsers, but the fight for second place is on fire

Safari it could lose the second place among the most used browsers in the world. As shown by “StatCounter”Safari in January 2022 is still behind Google Chrome with a 9.84% share, however Microsoft Edge (9.54%) e Mozilla Firefox (9.18%) have come close. Chrome, on the other hand, dominates with a 65.38% share.

Analyzing the data, the growth recorded by both Edge and Firefox is evident, with the latter which has risen compared to a year ago from 8.1% to 9.2%. Apple’s Safari, on the other hand, dropped from 10.38% of the desktop market to 9.84%. Furthermore, if we consider the European market and not the American one – where Safari is ahead with 18.12% – Microsoft’s browser has already surpassed Apple’s.

In markets where Apple devices are not so dominant, therefore, your browser loses market share. Furthermore, there seems to be behind this decline Apple’s willingness to focus more on stability than on novelty. In fact, second “9to5Mac”some developers have defined Safari as “the new Internet Explorer”.