Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have problems with external DACs, fix still far away

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are two of the most interesting smartphones around, however, they are not exactly perfect, indeed they have had a list of problems quite long since launch and one of them pertains to working with External DACs, which, however, will not be resolved in the short term.

With this new generation of smartphones, the Mountain View giant has put its foot down on what is generally its strong point, namely the software. It is sufficient to look at the story of the December update, fortunately, resolved with that of the current month.

The problem we are talking about today affects a rather narrow niche of users since it involves the use of an external DAC – Digital (to) Analog Converter – in combination with the latest smartphones. Made by Google.

Already last December it was pointed out how Google Pixel 6 And Google Pixel 6 Pro (here is our review) did not get along well with external DACs connected via the USB-C port: Poweramp, a well-known and popular app for listening to music stored locally, crashes whenever you try to start the playing a song or an album; other apps produce a loud screeching noise that is not exactly pleasant for the user’s eardrums.

Google assumed that all Pixel 6 buyers would use true wireless headphones – like its least expensive Google Pixel Buds A, which you can find at this link our review -, not bothering to implement adequate support for external DACs so dear to audiophiles.

Although this is not particularly surprising, the situation is still frustrating, given that we are talking about an important brand and not about cheap smartphones.

At this point, we arrive at the turning point of the story, which brings with it positive and negative news: Big G has listened to the requests of the users and through the account, PixelCommunity (Official Google Account) did know on Reddit that a fix has been identified and will be released, yes, but only next summer.

In short, if you were thinking of buying a Pixel 6 and using it with your DAC and your audiophile headphones, you will have to wait several more months (a more precise release time window has not been indicated).

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