Google Pixel 6 cannot install Android 12L Beta 3

Android 12L should be released in a definitive version during the next month even if the latest available build of this release of the Google mobile operating system can be considered quite stable but the owners of Google Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro they cannot install it anyway.

Last week the developer team of the Mountain View giant released a second February security update for Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, an update that does not seem to make any noteworthy changes and that in recent days has reached a large number of users.

The latest Google Pixel 6 update blocks Android 12L beta

Well, according to the reports of those who downloaded and installed it, after that update it seems it is no longer possible to install Android 12L Beta 3 and this even if you are able to register your device to the Android Beta Program.

While it may seem like a simple bug, in reality the inability to install Android 12L Beta 3 represents a precise choice of the Google teamas it comes confirmed by an official company note:

If you are registering a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro with the latest February build SQ1D.220205.004, you will not receive an update to 12L Beta 3 but will instead receive the next beta build coming in March, as long as you keep your device registered .

Even the sideload OTA manual should fail and present an error during the installation process.

As for the further version of Android 12L that Google has announced that it will be released in March, it will probably not be the Beta 4 but the Release Candidatewhich is the latest version before the update was released for all users.

In April, however, they should start arriving the first beta versions of Android 13, the expected next release of Google’s mobile operating system. We’ll see.

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