GTA 6: patent anticipates a major revolution

A few weeks ago Rockstar Games wanted to confirm that they are working on the next main chapter of the Grand Theft Auto saga. Obviously the attention immediately came to GTA 6, perhaps one of the most talked about games in recent years, but at the moment we still know too little about the project. To bring out a first important clue, however, there is a patent registered by Take-Two that seems to anticipate a big improvement for the next GTA.

Just yesterday Take-Two registered a new patent that goes to underline how in the next main chapter of GTA we could see a beautiful revolution. This patent seems to refer in particular to theonline gaming experience, going to allow you to interact with the title in a new key way. In this case the player will be able to move between the various contents much more fluidly.

As also mentioned by the Dexerto editorial team, for example, if a player is driving a vehicle on the streets of Los Santos in GTA Online, and suddenly decides he wants to do a different game activity such as a race, in GTA 5 all requires you to first go through a handful of menus and undergo various loading screens before kicking off the race. In GTA 6, however, this patent would make all the steps much less tedious.


Being a patent it is not yet said that everything will see the light as it has been presented in these days. On GTA 6, however, we still know too littlebut we hope that Rockstar Games can reveal more details already in the coming months.

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