Harley-Davidson is betting on the growth of electric motorcycles

Harley-Davidson seems to want to focus more and more on the electric motorcycle sector. As we know, the American manufacturer in mid-2021 had decided to separate its activities related to battery-powered two wheels to merge them into a dedicated brand that took the name of its first very electric one, that is LiveWire. Apparently, for LiveWire, Harley-Davidson has very ambitious plans as it aims to reach the finish line 100,000 electric motorcycles sold by 2026 to then reach 190,000 units sold by 2030.

These really interesting numbers can be read in the financial prospectus of the American brand. Achieving these goals would lead the company to obtain $ 1.77 billion in revenues in 2026 which would then rise to $ 3 billion in 2030 according to estimates by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

The financial statement states that the electric motorcycle market today is still in its early stages of development. However, Harley-Davidson estimates that global penetration of electric vehicles will expand from 6% by 2021 to 25% by 2030, implying a growth of the electric motorcycle market from the current $ 2.5 billion to around 20 billion. dollars in 2026 and approximately $ 28 billion in 2030.

But how is Harley-Davidson going to grow so fast? Indeed, the sales targets of its electric motorcycles they seem too ambitious consider that since 2019 the American brand has sold between 1,300 and 1,600 electric motorcycles. The current LiveWire has received a lot of acclaim. However, above all the great remains price limit even if, it must be said, that in America with the passage under the LiveWire brand the cost has been significantly lowered to make it close to that of the models of its most direct competitors such as those of Zero Motorcycles. Prices, however, always important.

We already know, however, that new models of battery-powered two-wheelers will arrive. The first debut is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. Electric motorcycle which, for the moment, is known as LiveWire Del Mar. It will be characterized by using the new “Arrow” platform which provides a structural battery pack. A model that should be offered at much more accessible prices.

The American brand will focus heavily on this model to expand its presence in the electric motorcycle market. However, plans already foresee the arrival of another 2 battery-powered wheels over time, even much smaller ones, also made in collaboration with Kymko.

A plan, therefore, extremely ambitious. In a few months, with the presentation of the Del Mar, it will finally be possible to better understand this strategy.