He fled Ukraine in the middle of the war with bitcoins in his wallet

In the afternoon, the case of a user who fled from Ukraine, in the midst of the war with Russia, and managed to take all his money with him, became known. How? With Bitcoin.

Francesco Madonna, CEO of the firm Helios Fund, reported on Twitter that one of its employees managed to leave Ukraine just hours before a ban on leaving the country for men between the ages of 18 and 60 came into effect.

The fact was that this person managed to deposit his bitcoins (BTC) in a hardware wallet and leave for Poland, a country that borders Ukraine and where he intends to use an ATM to convert said BTC into cash.


“I couldn’t withdraw my money. The banks weren’t working at all. I have about 600 dollars, but the national banks blocked all international transactions and I can’t even send it to Poland,” said this person in the displayed text messages.

According CoinATMRadartool you used to locate ATMs, in Poland there are 171 Bitcoin ATMs.

“Bitcoin saved this guy’s life. If he had wasted his time trying to get cash he would have been left without crossing the border and would have had to go to war,” Madonna said.

Bitcoin, the best ally of Ukraine

Ukraine is fighting this war without military support from its allies, but Bitcoin has made a difference.

CriptoNoticias reported that so far 113 BTC have been donated to the Ukrainian causewhile the Patreon platform blocked some donations that were going to be used to finance weapons and military equipment.

Although it is true that some nodes of Lightning, Bitcoin’s second layer network, could be affected, and that the price of BTC may not resist fear in the markets, its technological characteristics make it ideal to withstand the attacks of the war.