here’s what happened in Amsterdam

L’Apple Store Of Amsterdam he had to face a very particular situation in the past few hours; let’s see the details together.

Apple Store: a hostage case in Amsterdam

Just yesterday (February 22, 2022), police officers surrounded an Apple Store in Amsterdam after reports were made of a gunman entering the store. The videos of the gunman entering the shop were also shared online, so we were able to reconstruct the story in full.

Furthermore, the video also showed that the man was holding a man hostage from the inside. Later, the police surrounded the building and ordered nearby residents to stay indoors. The area around the shop has also been cordoned off.

The attack started around 5:40 pm. yesterday local time. After the first report, the police confirmed that several people were being held hostage in the Amsterdam shop of the Cupertino giant.

During the situation, the Amsterdam police force refrained from sharing any details and stated:

“A hostage situation is currently underway at the Apple Store in Leidseplein. To ensure the safety of all those involved, we are unable to share information on the situation and / or on the actions taken by the police ”.

They later added that “There is currently a hostage situation in the Leidseplein Apple Store. To ensure the safety of all involved, we are unable to share information on the situation and / or actions taken by the police.“. In other words, the situation calmed down soon after and the victims were released.

We wonder how man did it to evade the first strict controls of the apple retail store; surely now the competent authorities will carry out all the necessary investigations. The Dutch store will be closed until Friday for checks and investigations.